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   Proactive Managed Server Support

Flat-rate, fully-managed, 24/7/365 Server monitoring, maintenance, and remediation

Any business with multiple users should consider running a server to store files, dish out network permissions, and eliminate issues like data loss and confusing networking setups that grow to become more of a hassle as you grow. With a server, all of your eggs are in one basket, so you'll certainly want to keep a close eye on that basket! Get comprehensive support that includes remote & on-site server remediation services at a flat quarterly rate, meaning there are no 'per-incident' charges. We utilize proactive maintenance in order to prevent downtime before it affects your bottom line.

Let us give you peace of mind knowing your servers are being watched 24/7/365.

The Business UX Server Platform

Security and your Data

Business UX Servers implement mandatory access control (MAC) security mechanisms that give unprecedented protection to your data from attack. This technology was developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and is simply not possible with Windows Servers.

Quoting the NSA
"End systems must be able to enforce the separation of information based on confidentiality and integrity requirements to provide system security. Operating system security mechanisms are the foundation for ensuring such separation. Unfortunately, existing mainstream operating systems lack the critical security feature required for enforcing separation: mandatory access control. As a consequence, application security mechanisms are vulnerable to tampering and bypass, and malicious or flawed applications can easily cause failures in system security."

Protect the core of your technology Infrastructure

Your servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure. Any downtime means a massive loss in productivity for your end-users. Business UX's Managed Server Care combines constant 24x7x365 Server Monitoring with proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and maintain availability and stability. If your server goes down, we know about it within minutes, and often take action before the client calls us. Your server's uptime is our priority, and we take it very personally.
By compartmentalising, meaning that internet apps such as web-browsing, banking and email use SELinux instead of Microsoft Windows, protection against ransomware, zero day virus/malware and bad updates is improved by over 1000 times.

MYOB Accounting Server

Success Story - Using a Linux Server for optimum performance

Business UX have completed another installation of a MYOB server here in Brisbane for a company with 5 concurrent users. They have Premier 19 and originally had it set up as a peer to peer network using Windows 7 computers with dreadfully slow performance.
The size of their MYOB file is a very large 1,200 MB.
The owner of the company wanted guarantees that the system would perform as expected. We offered him a full money back contract that the system would work and be productive before he paid our invoice. I can report that he is very happy and we have now been paid in full.
The MYOB system we design and support currently uses Centos 6 64 bit Linux with raid 1 drives and KVM virtualisation for a specially configured MS Windows guest operating as a terminal server. Para virtualised network and scsi drivers are used to maximise performance. The system's full price was $2,850 including installation, file sharing and secure remote access.

Server Consulting and Best Practices

Custom solutions to fill any need

If your business is expanding, or you feel that your network is lacking for your current users, we can evaluate your current setup and come up with the best solution for your organisation. Thanks to many partnerships with hardware and software vendors, we can provide the best solutions to meet your goals at prices intended for small businesses.

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